Scenic spots
Scenic spotsScenic spots
  • Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace

    The Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace is located at the highest point of Maoshan Mountain, and is the most influential palace in Maoshan Mountain. It is often called the Top Palace because it is located on the top of the main peak in Maoshan Mountain.
    Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace
  • Chongxi Longevity Palace

    The Chongxi Longevity Palace is located in the south of Dinggongshan Mountain and the northwest of Damao Peak. It is rebuilt on the east side of the original site, located at the southern foot of Qingyu Peak. It was originally the "Qulin Hall" built in the Southern Dynasty, and later it became the "Lower Huayang Hall" of originator Tao Hongjing.
    Chongxi Longevity Palace
  • Yuanfu Wanning Palace

    The Yuanfu Wanning Palace was built in the southern Liang Dynasty, and flourished in the Song Dynasty. It was initially named as "Qianshen Nunnery". Later, it changed its name to "Yuan Fu Palace", which is still in use today in the full name of Yuanfu Wanning Palace. It is also called the Seal Palace because the jade seal, one of the eight treasures given to Maoshan by Song Emperor Zhezong, is placed in the palace.
    Yuanfu Wanning Palace
  • Huayang Cave

    The Huayang Cave is located on the west side of the Laohugang Hillock in Maoshan Mountain, about 300 meters away from the Yuanfu Wanning Palace in the north. It is full of "Xianqi"(magic air) for the reason that in natural environment the content of negative oxygen ions is as high as 10,000/cubic meter. The negative oxygen ion is also known as the air vitamin and the "air element for longevity".
    Huayang Cave