Cultures in Maoshan Mountain
Cultures in Maoshan MountainCultural Maoshan
  • Taoism Culture

    Taoism culture is numerous, complicated, splendid and all-encompassing. In general, it mainly covers theology, ethics, philosophy, alchemy, medicine, literature, and so on.

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    Taoism Culture

  • Red culture

    Inherit the red spirit and promote the red culture. Maoshan Mountain is one of the six famous mountain-relied resistance bases in China. Welcome to the red scenic spots in Maoshan Mountain, to fell the most determined soul in the years of Anti-Japanese War and listen to the most touching stories in the years of war.

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    Red culture

  • Health culture

    Green and luxuriant is the Maoshan Mountain. It is full of fresh air, and is also an ecological system integrating peaks and springs as well as various species of animals and plants, with a forest coverage rate up to 91.6%. There are broadly-distributed cold springs, unique natural resources, and rarely high-quality of ecological environment.

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    Health culture

  • Poems and stone carvings

    Maoshan culture has a long history, and integrates the Taoist culture, the revolutionary culture and the tourism culture. There are not only stone inscriptions recording the history of Maoshan but also touching legends and anecdotes. There are poems and travel notes of famous people praising Maoshan, religious culture reflecting the Taoist traditions, and new culture of seeking innovation.

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    Poems and stone carvings