Overview of Maoshan Mountain
Overview of Maoshan MountainIntroduction of Maoshan

Maoshan Mountain is a famous holy land and mountain for Taoism. It is the birthplace of the Taoism Shangqing Sect, and the center of Taoism in Jiangnan Area. It is also known as "the first blessed region and the eighth cave heaven".


Maoshan Mountain is a sacred land of the Chinese revolution, and is one of the six famous mountain-relied resistance bases in China. It is one of the national classic red tourism sites, and a National Demonstration Base for Patriotism Education.


As beautiful scenic spot, there is many fresh and charming natural sceneries in Maoshan Mountain, including 9 mountain peaks, 19 springs, 26 caves and 28 pools. In the Maoshan Mountain Scenic Area, there are Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace, Yuanfu Wanning Palace, Xike Spring, Huayang Cave, Importal Cave, Chongxi Longevity Palace, Victory Monument for Sorthern Jiangsu Anti-Japanese War, Maoshan New Fourth Army Memorial Hall, etc.


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